Trash Pickup

Trash service is provided at a cost by Waste Management to NoHo CDN HOA.

WM will only remove items INSIDE the green bin.  Any items left in the trash room will NOT be removed.  If you leave items outside the green bin you will be fined and charged for the access removal fee.  Please consult our Bulky Item removal page for more info on removal of these items.

WM pickup schedule for our building is Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s.  Pickup can happen anytime during the day.  If pickup is scheduled for a holiday, pickup will be made up the next business day.

No trash is to be left in the trash room at any time.

The blue recycle bins are picked up and controlled by the city of Los Angeles.  WM has NO association with them.  Pickup for blue recycle bins is on Monday’s only.

DO NOT leave boxes or trash in this area.  The city will not take them.  BREAK DOWN ALL BOXES.   If the items don’t fit in the blue bins, place them in the green trash bin in the trash room.  If the trash room bin is full, keep the item in your unit until trash pickup has emptied the bins.  Large items, please refer to our bulky items page.

Please note the following trash rules:

Trash must be thrown down the trash chute. Trash must be in plastic bags and tied. Do not leave items for disposal in the trash rooms. Any trash that does not fit in the chute must be taken down to the dumpster in the rear of the garage. Boxes must be broken down and carried to the dumpster to avoid blocking the trash chute. Nothing can be left on the ground or it will not be collected by the trash service.

NO TRASH should be left in the trash room. It must ALL go down the chute or taken and placed in the green bin inside the garage bin.

DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH IN THE TRASH ROOM! Violators will be fined by the HOA.

ALL recycling should be taken to the blue recycle bins in the garage.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

If the trash chute is full, keep the trash in your unit. Contact the HOA or Property management ASAP.