Rec Room Rules and Reservations

Recreation Room
Hours 7:00am – 11:00pm, Daily

Please fill out the form and a member of the HOA or management company will contact you.  Be advised that a deposit of $75 could be due for the reservation.  It will be fully refundable per your cooperation and the conditions followed above from the HOA.  Thanks!

Recreation Room
Hours 7:00am – 11:00pm, Daily

Rec Room Rules as follows:

  • Use of Rec-room outside of published hours is not allowed.
  • Loud music is not allowed at any time.
  • Residents use all gym equipment at their own risk and will not hold the association or property management responsible for ANY damage or medial issues.
  • Residents may not be destructive or damage HOA property in anyway.
  • Residents are hereby notified that our Rec-Room is monitored by CCTV and will be subject to monitoring.

    Want to Use the Rec Room for party or reception?  Fill out the online request sheet.  All events must fall inside the Rec Room hours AND must give 3 working days advanced notice and are subject to the following:

    The tenant or owner agrees to the following:

  • The room and its furnishings will be cleaned and returned to excellent status immediately following its use.  This includes the refrigerator and microwave interiors, the floor and bathroom.
  • Gym equipment will be off-limits to all guests.
  • There will be NO loud music as there are units directly alongside the rec room.
  • Guests will not loiter in the hallway (common area) at any time.  Patio use will be limited to the area directly in front of the glass doors of the rec room.
  • Trash will be placed in bags, tied & walked to the bin the garage.
  • Any damage to furniture, walls, decor, cabinets or appliances will be the user’s monetary responsibility per the HOA costs.
  • The Rec Room AC is controlled by a pre-programmed thermostat. If you notice dangerously hot temps, please email us. If the AC is left on and not turned off, it will freeze the pipes and blow hot air. In this case, the AC unit must be shut off for 24 hours.

    Leaving the AC running and not turning if off will result in a fine from the HOA Board.