HELP! I’m stuck in the Garage/Elevator!!

Elevator Entrapment

  •  Don’t Panic or try and force the hatch open
  • Call 911 and give your location
  • Press the emergency call button in the elevator to be connected with property management
  • Also, call Schindler emergency entrapment services at the number below

If there is an entrapment in our elevator and you are stuck, call the emergency number below for Schindler Elevator Services

Emergency (trapped in elevator number) – 855-484-9429


Garage gate won’t open or close

  •  By any means DO NOT force the gate open, this will damage the chain causing costly repairs.
  • Call (818) 253-9240 for detailed instructions on how to open the gate manually.
  • If no answer, send an email to the HOA Board members.  Make sure to leave a call back number for immediate assistance.
  • In the event of a power failure, our backup generator will power the gate.

In an extreme emergency, you may contact our contractor direct, KSN Gates, by clicking here.

Please follow up with an maintenance request email if you contact KSN.