Guest Parking Rules

New Guest Parking Rules:


The objective of the guest parking enforcement policy is to obtain compliance of guest parking spots.

The guest parking area is located in the front of the entrance with spots labeled “guest”. THERE IS NO LONG-TERM PARKING IN THE GUEST PARKING AREA, even when the vehicle is moved to another guest space. Make other arrangements. Vehicles must be parked between the designated lines. Handicapped parking will be enforced.

The rules, regulations and guidelines are outlined below:

  • All guest parking spots, with the exception of the handicapped spot which will be available to handicapped permit only, will require a guest parking permit obtained by the owner/renter of each unit.
  • Each unit will be permitted one (1) guest parking permit valid for one calendar year.
  • Permits will only be obtained with the completion of the HOA Building Information Sheet (either online/electronic or by paper mail) once a calendar year. In addition, rented units must provide a copy of current lease agreement.
  • Resident registered vehicles will NOT be permitted to park in guest parking, even with the use of a guest parking permit. Residents with registered cars using guest parking permits to park in guest parking will be towed with no notice and at the expense of the owner. No exceptions! Guest parking is not to be used as OVERFLOW or “EXTRA” parking for a unit.
  • Any car parked without a permit will result in towing of the Owners/Residents/guests car at their own expense. The HOA retains the right to tow any car violating guest parking with no notice.
  • The guest parking permit must be displayed above the front rearview mirror or the lower left side of the front windshield. The permit must be visible at all times and may not be blocked or altered in anyway.
  • One (1) permit will be provided to the owner/renter at no charge with the COMPLETE completion of the HOA Building info sheet. A permit that is lost or stolen can be replaced for a charge of $100. (The fee will be waived with a valid police report showing car theft). Old permits will become void. If old permit(s) are found being used, the car will be towed at owners/renters/guest expense.
  • Each permit will be good for only one (1) year. Expiration date will be printed on permit.
  • Permits will be number controlled. Meaning, each permit number will be on file with the HOA and check at various times/dates/locations for compliance.
  • Owners and renters are responsible for notifying HOA and Property management immediately of any lost or stolen permits.
  • Guest parking remains on a first come first serve basis.
  • Cars parking in guest spots will be allowed to park for no more than 24 hours. Cars found parking in guest spots for longer lengths of time will be towed at owners/residents/guests expense. Owners and renters are responsible for communicating this policy to all guests parking in guest spots.
  • Owners and renters found using fake/forged permits will be towed at their expense. Violation of the guest pass policy will result in a meeting with the board.
  • The HOA Board retains the right to request a copy of owner/renter vehicle registration.
  • Commercial Service Vehicles, (i.e. contractor providing services to a unit) must have a note on windshield to state what unit they are working in and the times they will be onsite.